Ironton Ohio,
Thursday, December 17, 1863


The following is an official list of persons subject to draft in Lawrence County, Ohio in class 1, ( married persons between the age of 20
and 35 years, and unmarried between the age of 20 and 45 years;)and in class 2, between the ages of 35 and 45.

Any person enrolled, who can show to the satisfaction of the Board of Enrollment, that he is not,
and will not be liable to miltary duty at the time fixed for next draft, on account 1st of Alienage,
2d Non-Residence, 3d ________________ of age, 4th Manifest permanent disability--may appear
before the Board and have his name stricken off this list prior to December 20, 1863.

Persons who may be cognizant of any other persons liable to military duty , whose name does not appear
on the Enrollment list, are requested to notify the Board of Enrollment at once, that all may share
equally in the chances for draft.

Benjamin F Cory,
Captain and Provost Marshall 11th District of Ohio
and President Board of Enrollment.


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(Background image taken from The American Civil War Photo Gallery
Portrait of a Federal soldier from Ohio)