Links to
Lists of Men Whose Names Were Drawn in the
Civil War Draft,
Lawrence County Ohio
as found in
The Ironton Register
May and September, 1864

(Use your web browser's search function to quickly find names on any page. Once on the page of your choice, while you press and hold the CTRL key press the F key. Now enter the name for which you are seaching and then press FIND NEXT or FIND. Be sure to search for ALL possible spellings of the name since each surname can be spelled many ways. Example: my surname, Caulley, can be spelled Cauley, Colley, Colly, Cauly, Caully, Cawley, Cawly, Cowley, Cowly, Calley, Cally and Corley.)


List of
Men who were Drafted
in May, 1864

List of
Men who were Drafted,
September, 1864

(Background image taken from Civil War Photos in the National Archives
Engineers of the 8th N.Y. State Militia, 1861. No. Ill-B-499. Cropped from Select List # 5.)