Below is a "route" or path from Sir Roger Kirkpatrick to Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emperor (747 – 28 January 814) and on back to Flavius Afranius Syagrius, a Gallo-Roman Senator. He became proconsul of Africa in 379, praefectus Urbis Romae in 381, praefectus praetorio Italiae in 382 and was consul with Flavius Claudius Antonius in 382. He is the ancestor of any of the royal houses of Europe.

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Flavius Afranius Syagrius,
Roman Senator,
Procouncul of Africa,
praefectus Urbis Romae,
praefectus praetorio Italiae
and consul with Flavius Claudius Antonius
Father of
Syagria (c390--??)
Mother of
Tonantius Ferreolus, Praetorian Prefect of Gaul, (405 or ca 420 – 475),**
Father of
Tonantius Ferreolus Roman Senatorfrom Narbonne, (440-517)**
& Industria
Father of
Ferreolus of Rodez, Senator of Narbonne, (between 470 and 475--??)
Father of
Ansbertus, Roman Senator
(505 or ca 535 – 570 or 611)**
Father of
Arnoald, (560 - 611)**
Father of
Saint Arnulf of Metz, (582 - 640) & Doda
Father of
& Saint Begga
Father of
Pepin of Herstal, (c635-–16 December 714)
& Plectrude
Father of
Charles Martel, (ca. 688 – 22 October 741)
& Rotrude Chrotrud of Treves (Trier)
Father of
Pepin the Short, (714--24 September 768)
& Bertrada of Laon
Father of
(Charles the Great) Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor
(747 – 28 January 814)
& His second wife was Hildegard
Father of
Louis the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor
(778 – 20 June 840) & Judith
Father of
Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor
(13 June 823 – 6 October 877)
& Ermentrude of Orléans
Father of
Louis the Stammerer,
King of Aquitaine & of Western Francia
(November 1, 846 — April 10, 879) & Adelaide of Paris
Father of
Charles III, (The Simple) King of France
(September 17, 879 – October 7, 929) &
Eadgifu of England, a daughter of King Edward the Elder
Father of
Louis IV, King of France
& Gerberga of Saxony
Father of
Matilda of France
& Conrad, King of Burgundy (c925--October 19, 993)
Mother of
Bertha of Burgundy
(born 952, 964 or 967; died 1010, 16 January 1016, or 1035)
& Odo (Eudes) I Count of Blois
Mother of
Eudes le Champenois, Odo II Count of Blois
(c983--15 November 1037)
& Ermengarde, daughter of Robert I of Auvergne
Father of
Strphen II Count of Troyes** & Adèle
Father of
Odo IV (Eudes II of Troyes) of Troyes, France (??--1115)
& Adélaïde of Normandy, Sister of William the Conqueror
Father of
Stephen of Aumale (before 1070--c1127) Count of Aumale
& Hawise daughter of Ranulph de Mortimer
Parents of
<>Ingleran of Aumale - (c1100-1179)
Source=Wm. Supernaw
Parent of
<>Robert de Brus
& Euphemia Aumale

Source=Wm. Supernaw

Mother of

Euphemia de Bruce (c 1200--??) & Ivone de Kirkpatrick
(NOTE: Different sources claim different parents
for Euphemia and, until clearly proven otherwise,
we are going on the assumption that our research is correct.)
Adam de Kirkpatrick - Kilosburn, Scotland - (c1210--??)
source = BURK'S PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE pg 1515 & 1516
Father of
Stephen Kirkpatrick - Kilosburn, Scotland - (c1250 --??)
source = BURK'S PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE pg 1515 & 1516
Father of
Sir Roger Kirkpatrick - Closeburn, Scotland - (c1280 -??)
source = BURK'S PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE pg 1515 & 1516

*ROBERT de Brus, son of WILLIAM Brus & his wife --- (-1245). The manuscript history of the Bruce family of Carleton records that “Robertus Brus secundus” succeeded “Willielmus Brus”[466]. He succeeded his Father as Lord of Annandale. “Robertus de Brus” confirmed donations to Gysburn Priory by “Robertus de Brus avus meus…Willielmus pater meus” by undated charter witnessed by “Willielmo de Brus, Johanne de Brus…”[467]. m ISABEL of Huntingdon, daughter of DAVID of Scotland Earl of Huntingdon & his wife Matilda of Cheshire (1206-1251, bur Saltre Abbey, near Stilton, Gloucs). The Annales Londonienses name "Margaretam, Isabellam, Matildam, et Aldam" as the four daughters of "comiti David", recording the marriage of "la secounde fille Davi" and "sire Robert de Brus"[468]. She was granted the manors of Writtle and Hatfield, Essex, 16 Oct 1241 in return for her share of the inheritance of her brother John Earl of Chester. Sir Robert & his wife had two children:

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